Satellite and Drone Imagery


FarmShots is a platform to  view and analyze satellite and drone imagery for agronomic decision support and the evaluation of relative farm performance for financial and actuarial purposes.

Bioinformatics for Drug Discovery


Gusto Global is the leading discovery and development platform focusing on restoring key functionalities of an ecologically healthy microbiome, providing biological and computational approaches to rationally design therapies that target innate immunity by controlling both local and systemic inflammation.

Digital Ag - Decision Support


 ZedX, Inc. is a world leader in  advanced information technology for integrated decision support and agricultural business intelligence and has been a pioneer in “cloud biology” or the convergence of data analytics, cloud computing, and biological expertise.     

IoT: Digital Ag - Water Managment


Observant Pty Ltd. is a leading technology platform offering products and services to optimize water management efficiencies for agriculture. Smart, connected software, sensors and infrastructure enhance water management for connected customers to improve sustainability and profitability on the farm.     



Microsystem Integration & Packaging is a world leading middle-end/back-end semiconductor processing provider with a host of technologies for advanced microelectronics interconnect and packaging, as well as microfabrication technology. MIP also provides sensor technologies, including smart sensors.  

Software & Services


Syntegrity enables organizations to streamline large group interaction to efficiently achieve solutions  through IP through sophisticated algorithms and software rooted in neurology, cybernetics and advanced mathematical models.


SaaS for Asset Management


Ongoing Advisory:  Board of Directors

e-Emphasys is a global IT solutions company, providing ERP software to Dealerships and Rental companies of heavy equipment for the construction, mining, forestry, material handling, and agriculture industries. 

Machine Learning


Tanjo is a machine learning platform that  helps companies without market segments/personas create them. Tanjo feeds data into a proprieitary algorithim, creating an interest graph that generates Animated Personas that lie at the cutting edge of AI and Machine Learning. 

SaaS for Supplies Procurement


SciQuest makes cloud-focused software that focuses on streamlining and lowering the cost of purchases between buyers and suppliers.

Software & Services for Offices


Lonesource sells and delivers 200,000 consumables to businesses of all sizes. The company distinguishes itself in the marketplace by combining its extensive offerings with business process optimization services and state-of-the-art e-procurement technology.

Defense Systems Software


Mission Solutions Engineering provides systems software engineering and integration services and products for mission critical defense systems:  network-centric command and control, high-fidelity advanced display systems, weapons control software architecture, and sensor management solutions. 

SaaS for Policy Management


PQA is a world leader in the billion-dollar air-quality and climate-change markets.  PQA provides substantial organizational and logistical support to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has developed major web-based information systems supporting critical agency missions.


Tech-Enabled Drug Discovery


The company’s technology platform combines proprietary signal processing algorithms and NMR spectroscopic detection into a clinical analyzer to identify and quantify concentrations of lipoproteins and small molecule metabolites.

Electro-Optics & Mass Spectrometry


Burle develops and manufactures electro-optic components used in the detection of ions, electrons and photons for integration into a variety of applications such as night vision optics, digital cameras, mass spectrometry, physics research, space exploration and many others.

Healthcare IT & Fintech


FlexBen provides an administrative, planning and data management platform for consumer-driven tax-advantaged spending accounts for health and dependent care. Products include flexible spending (FSA), health reimbursement (HRA), health savings (HSA).

FinTech - Loyalty Reward Programs


Enhancement Services Corporation (ESC) provides targeted loyalty consulting and travel, as well as gift card and merchandise reward programmes to more than 40 national and regional financial institutions in the United States.

FinTech - Mortgage Origination


eSmartloan is a leading online originator of home equity loans and mortgages. At the time of its acquisition by Capital One, the company originated more than 12,000 loans representing more than $1 billion in volume.

FinTech - Finance & Insurance


Safe-Guard  is a leading F&I platform providing after-market warranty products and services for new, used and leased motor vehicles.