Our Services

Fennebresque & Co. is a management consulting firm that focuses on technology and digital transformation. Through our unique approach and experience, we assist companies with reaching their strategic objectives by reshaping their industries.

Mergers And Acquisitions

M&A is more than just the buying and selling of a company. There is strategy and complexity involved in the execution of a disciplined process that positions our clients to positively transform the combined entity while optimizing stakeholder value. Through deep relationships in our targeted sector, we expertly manage an efficient process that accomplishes the full potential of our client’s particular opportunity.

Growth Capital Raises

In addition to advising on strategic alternatives such as M&A, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, and Partnerships, we selectively advise clients on Growth Capital Raises. We seek clients that require funding for accelerating revenue to achieve a targeted sales level or growth rate that places the company in the next valuation tier (as opposed to other uses such as product development and/or market validation). A growth-stage client has a well-defined customer profile and recurring revenue from its core product or service. Growth Capital Raises are often executed following a review of competitive positioning.

Competitive Positioning

We are domain experts in evaluating the ideas and technologies shaping humanity, agriculture, forestry, and other ecological systems in a rapidly changing world. We seek clients that are bringing these new technologies or ideas to light. Our primary service is to advise companies on strategically positioning their investment merits and growth opportunities.

Valuation Analysis

We selectively provide Valuation Analysis to companies and their boards that are transforming the world through technology and new ideas. Our Valuation Analysis assists clients with advancing their strategic and financial decision-making. We also provide independent fairness opinions to boards that augment their transaction review process, strengthen their fiduciary oversight and assist them with protecting shareholder value.