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Headquartered in Charlotte NC with professionals in Raleigh NC, San Diego CA, Charleston SC, and Des Moines IA, Fennebresque & Co. is a leading independent investment bank and advisory firm focused on growing enterprises nourished by technological advances.  At the forefront of technology, ideas and capabilities, we provide client-centric solutions across the full spectrum of the growth curve for rapidly evolving businesses.

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Fennebresque & Co. is devoted to assisting companies that are reshaping their industries through technology. Through our focused, technical approach, we offer clients a range of services designed to help reach their strategic objectives.  We have assisted numerous clients understanding their competitive dynamic and the critical steps driving value and differentiation in their sectors. 

  • M&A
  • Growth Capital Raises
  • Competitive Positioning & Valuation Analyses

Why Us?

Fennebresque & Co. was founded in 2007 by partners with diverse technical backgrounds including investment banking, venture capital, entrepreneurship, accounting, consulting, legal and operations. The combined experience and senior level expertise of our team bring powerful insight to meet the emerging challenges of an increasingly complex and interdependent world.



Deep industry knowledge and experience with most tech and tech-enabled sectors and sub-sectors:

*Software, SaaS     *Tech-Enabled Services     *Healthcare IT     *Internet-of-Things (IoT)     *Defense     *Energy     *Infrastructure     *Government Services     *Security                 *Digital Farming / Precision Agriculture     *Digital Media     *FinTech     *Manufacturing     *Packaging     *Mobile / Communications     *Semiconductors 

Life Sciences

Fennebresque & Co. is a leading, “technically strong” investment banking firm servicing the Life Sciences sector; specializing in the healthcare/pharma and specialty chemicals sectors. Our industry experts have deep scientific and clinical knowledge and a diverse mix of skills ranging from operating experience, interaction with regulatory authorities, dealing with CMC issues, mastery of pioneering science to creative transactional experience (as advisors and principals).

Food, Nutrition & Agriculture

Enabling technologies, emerging channels, shifting demographics, dynamic consumer tastes and increasing market complexity are causing disruptive change to the traditional food value chain and supporting unprecedented innovation. Disruption within the continuum of the food value chain is converging around the domains of food/ag science, nutrition and medicine.  Cross-functional expertise informs our unique value chain approach of examining data and ultimately identifying strategic imperatives through trends, relationships, correlations, inflection points and exceptions.

Government Services (ADGS)

Our professionals have advised on projects that include entities serving government agencies, academia, foundations/not-for-profit corporations, and NGOs.  We focus on delivering outcomes that support the missions and goals of our clients.

Manufacturing / Industrial

Our professionals have specific experience advising niche-focused, high value-add manufacturers and industrial distribution businesses, including companies competing the building products and energy sectors.

Consumer / Retail

Our professionals' consumer experience includes branded and private label products; personal care/health and wellness products; and apparel. Our professionals have represented companies in the restaurant, e-commerce, and franchise spaces.

Recent Transactions


FarmShots is a platform to  view and analyze satellite and drone imagery for agronomic decision support and the evaluation of relative farm performance for financial and actuarial purposes.


Pennsylvania-based ZedX, Inc. sells to Germany-based BASF.  ZedX develops weather algorithm based decision support tools for  Digital Farming applications.


Australia-based Observant sells to India-based Jain Irrigation.  Observant provides a fully integrated software and hardware solution to optimize water use through Digital Farming applications.


North Carolina-based RTI International divests its Advanced Electronics Division to Micross Components, an Insight Equity portfolio company.  The Advanced Electronics Division develops and manufactures semiconductors primarily for the aerospace and defense industries.


North Carolina-based Whole Harvest Foods sells to Bunge.  Whole Harvest uses a proprietary refining method to provide hexane free vegetable oils to the food industry.


North Carolina-based Center for Agricultural and Environmental BIosolutions sells to FMC Corporation.  CAEB discovers and develops biological products for crop protection and plant health.

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