Strategic advisory for transformative companies.

Fennebresque & Co. is a management consulting firm that focuses on technology and digital transformation. Through our unique approach and experience, we assist companies with reaching their strategic objectives by reshaping their industries.

Our Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our deep relationships in targeted sectors allow us to expertly manage an efficient process that accomplishes the full potential of our client’s unique opportunity.

Growth Capital Raises

We work with our clients to raise growth capital that accelerates revenue toward a targeted sales level or to place the company in the next valuation tier.

Competitive Positioning

We are experts in assessing technologies, ideas, and organizations. We evaluate you against your competition and help you create a strategy highlighting your unique strengths.

Valuation Analysis

Our Valuation Analysis assists clients with advancing their strategic and financial decision-making and protecting shareholder value.

About Us

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with professionals in Raleigh, NC, San Diego, CA, Charleston, SC, and Des Moines, IA, Fennebresque & Co. is a leading independent investment bank and advisory firm focused on growing enterprises nourished by technological advances. We provide client-centric solutions across the full spectrum of the growth curve for rapidly evolving businesses at the forefront of technology, ideas, and capabilities.

Why F&Co.

Fennebresque & Co. was founded in 2007 by partners with diverse technical backgrounds, including investment banking, venture capital, entrepreneurship, accounting, consulting, legal, and operations. Our team’s combined experience and senior-level expertise bring powerful insights to meet the emerging challenges of an increasingly complex and technologically interdependent world.

Our Experience

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our unique interactive approach to discovery and development companies and the technology platforms that enable them brings science, business, technology and strategic goals together.

Agriculture and Forestry

We have extensive experience advising niche-focused, high-value-add agriculture, forestry, and environmental science businesses and the technology platforms that serve them.


Strategic advisory for critical technology themes including cloud, IoT, security, digital transformation, tech/non-tech industry convergence, fintech and blockchain.

Industrial and Building

Our team partners with leading middle-market industrials and manufacturing businesses with differentiated services and highly engineered products with an entrenched competitive position.

Education and Government

F&Co. has significant experience in advising and executing transactions involving education and government services serving multiple government agencies.

Business Services

Our clients have redefined categories with their innovation and tech-enabled ability to scale.

Finance Technology

We’ve helped fintech companies revolutionize how financial and risk management markets operate, pioneering innovative solutions that are changing the future of finance.

Consumer Products

F&Co. provides invaluable insight into the needs and desires of consumers in four key industries: food & beverage, personal care/household products, consumer goods, and retail services.

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