FlexBen provides an administrative, planning, and data management platform for consumer-driven tax-advantaged spending accounts for health and dependent care. Products include flexible spending (FSA), health reimbursement (HRA), and health savings (HSA).


Enhancement Services Corporation (ESC) provides targeted loyalty consulting and travel, as well as gift card and merchandise reward programs to more than 40 national and regional financial institutions in the United States.​

Cameron M. Harris & Company

CMH is an insurance brokerage offering commercial property and casualty insurance, insurance for individuals, employee benefits and other products.


ScentAir is the global leader in olfactory (scent) marketing. ScentAir works with businesses worldwide to develop scent marketing strategies for businesses to enhance their customer experience.


SciQuest makes cloud-focused software that focuses on streamlining and lowering the cost of purchases between buyers and suppliers.

Syntegrity Group

Syntegrity enables organizations to streamline large group interaction to efficiently achieve solutions through IP through sophisticated algorithms and software rooted in neurology, cybernetics, and advanced mathematical models.​

szl.it – Tanjo

Tanjo is a machine learning platform that helps companies without market segments and personas create them. Tanjo feeds data into a proprietary algorithm, creating an interest graph that generates Animated Personas that lie at the cutting edge of AI and Machine Learning.

RTI International

Advised RTI on initiatives serving agricultural entrepreneurs (farmers) and sustainability initiatives worldwide through USAID and other governments / NGO programs.

ACRE Investment Management

C2I is the parent company of ACRE Investment Management and GreenTrees. GreenTrees is the largest reforestation project globally, holding 98.6% of the voluntary carbon credit market.

Beck Ag

Beck Ag is a consulting and solutions provider to Agribusiness that partners with its clients to improve their operating efficiencies and business results.