Food, Nutrition & Agriculture

Precision Ag - Imagery


FarmShots is a platform to  view and analyze satellite and drone imagery for agronomic decision support and the evaluation of relative farm performance for financial and actuarial purposes.

Precision Ag - Weather


ZedX, Inc. is a world leader in  advanced information technology for integrated decision support and agricultural business intelligence and has been a pioneer in “cloud biology” or the convergence of data analytics, cloud computing, and biological expertise.     

Precision Ag - Water


Observant Pty Ltd. is a leading technology platform offering products and services to optimize water management efficiencies for agriculture. Smart, connected software, sensors and infrastructure enhance water management for connected customers to improve sustainability and profitability on the farm.     

Ag Biologicals


As world leaders in endophytic microbes and plant-host interactions, CAEB’s advanced discovery, optimization and validation Platform has developed products that exhibit a range of beneficial properties and strong efficacy for agricultural and environmental applications.

Ag Biologicals


As a spin-out from Synthentic Genomics, Agradis provides a platform analyzing microbe-plant communities and screening for beneficial microorganisms used to develop additional biological products to improve agricultural productivity.

Ag Biologicals


Pasteuria develops and commercializes biological products to control plant-parasitic nematodes, using the naturally occurring soil bacteria Pasteuria spp. A revolutionary in-vitro production process enables the development of cost-effective nematicides with a novel mode of action.

Food, Nutrition & Agriculture

Clean Food


Whole Harvest uses a proprietary refining method to provide hexane free vegetable oils to the food industry.  The company sells wholesale to food companies and markets its own branded consumer products through retail and online distribution.

Bakery Franchise


The Great Harvest Bread Company is a franchise in the United States that sells fresh-baked bread and other items. Great Harvest was the nation's first whole grain bread franchise. 

Fruits & Vegetables Grower


J&J is a vertically integrated farm-t0-fork business with full supply-chain visibility with its grower-partners to ensure consistent produce to customers’ specs, grown and shipped with food safety and sustainablity as its standard.

Protein Producer


Gold Creek Foods partners worldwide with the protein industry supplying high-quality products to the restaurant and food service industries in addition to manufacturing white label and its own branded consumer products.

Lumber & Timber Management


Tolleson Land & Timber, Inc. is located in Perry, Georgia.  The company operates two saw mills and actively manages a forestry program with significant timber assets.

Ag Genetic Services


Paradigm is a biotechnology company providing a platform focusing an integrated suite of technologies on the product development cycle, from target discovery to subsequent enhancement of the safety and efficacy profiles of development candidates in agriculture and human health.

Food, Nutrition & Agriculture: Thought Leadership


Advisory Boards

We actively serve on Advisory Boards for two of the most well respected research institutes for food, nutrition and agriculture:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Nutrition Research Institute and the California Institute for Food & Agricultural Research at UC Davis.