Consumer / Retail Products & Services

Clean Food - Cooking Oils


Whole Harvest Foods is  a leading refiner and packager of expeller pressed commercial cooking oil. Products include frying oils, pan sprays and liquid butter alternatives. The company's patented refining process creates a host of minimally processed products.

Retail Bakery


The Great Harvest Bread Company is a franchise in the United States that sells fresh-baked bread and other items. Great Harvest was the nation's first whole grain bread franchise. 

Consumer Beverages


Lenny Boy is an organic certified brewery.  The company manufactures, markets and distributes its kombucha fermented beverages throughout the southeast and operates a craft beer and kombucha brewery and retail tap room In Charlotte, NC.

Branded Protein Products


Gold Creek Foods partners worldwide with the protein industry supplying high-quality products to the restaurant and food service industries in addition to manufacturing white label and its own branded consumer products.

Office Consumables


Lonesource sells and delivers 200,000 consumables to businesses of all sizes. The company distinguishes itself in the marketplace by combining its extensive offerings with business process optimization services and state-of-the-art e-procurement technology.

Retail Services


ScentAir is the global leader in olfactory (scent) marketing. ScentAir works with businesses worldwide to develop scent marketing strategies for businesses to enhance their customer experience.

Consumer / Retail Products & Services

Children's Brand


Blue Socks Media is a production and marketing company that owns the brand and related assets behind the Emmy Award-winning "Raggs" children's TV series. The company executes worldwide management of the brand including media distribution, licensing, and partnerships.

Organic Produce


J&J Family of Farms grows, packs, ships and markets fruits and vegetables.  The company markets to the organic produce space with its Farmganic™ brand and has achieved organic certification at each of their shipping points.

Cleaning Products


Mean Green is a superior all-purpose cleaner and Chempro Inc.'s leading consumer brand.   Mean Green is biodegradable, non-toxic, and contains no acid, ammonia, or bleach.

Active Apparel


Protective Products sells and distributes its own and third party tactical and active apparel products through consumer retail and e-commerce channels.

Packaged Ice


Triangle Ice manufactures and distributes packaged ice, and serves most significant consumer packaged goods channels of distribution, as well as restaurants, special entertainment events, commercial users and the agricultural sector.

Recreational Watercraft


Crownline  is a leading manufacturer of 18 to 34 foot sterndrive boats.  Founded in 1991, the company is located in West Frankfort, IL